My name is Alton Wells, I believe the world is worth saving and that people are good. I am a founder, product manager, data person, & most definitely not an economist.

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Have meetings, only when necessary, mostly one-on-one.

Not all meetings are bad, many are unnecessary, that doesn't mean you shouldn't communicate.
January 3, 2021 9:19 AM
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This is a blog post

Should one choose to write out their thoughts, they may find it is a perfect manner with which to hone their mind.
January 2, 2021 12:47 PM
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My personal "twitter" feed experiment.
March 31, 2021 10:17 PM

Should a grand creator indeed exist, it is bold of us to assume they would ever use words.

More people should mountain bike.
March 10, 2021 11:25 AM

Ojai, CA

Eleven Percent into 2021
February 10, 2021 10:24 AM

Time is crazy fast πŸ’¨

Knowledge Management Is Hard
January 26, 2021 11:08 PM

keeping track of relevant sources of information and the little gold nuggets is difficult. there must be a better way...

Much Better
January 21, 2021 7:51 PM

Make Democracy Boring Again
January 6, 2021 8:35 PM

An unsurprising end to a presidency marked by lies, suppression, deceit, and cultural psychosis. Goodbye πŸ‘‹

Dark Mode & Zen Reader
January 3, 2021 8:14 PM

Like everyone else, I find a nicely placed "Dark Mode" to be very aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing so I wanted to see how long it actually took to implement. In addition to that, had some good fun making a "Zen Mode" that just displays text in a blog post. Very fun!

Test Post - Fyre Festival
January 2, 2021 5:00 PM

I wanted to see if this would work by adding a video element to the feed. Ideally, it should replace any photo and be positioned in the same place. This is my video from the Fyre Festival. It's a long story.